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WHY IS MY SCARF SO ITCHY!?! Cotton vs Synthetic Fibers

Young lady scratching her neck.

Have you ever had a scarf that you loved, but had a hard time wearing because it was too itchy or too stifling?

That was me. Always. I have been given scarves as Christmas gifts and purchased scarves for myself, but something always seemed to be off. It was either too hot or overbearing, or it was too itchy and scratchy.

Young women scratching her neck.

It wasnt until I began to wear 100% cotton scarves that I finally realized WHY I couldnt wear those other scarves. It was the material they were made fromi.e. synthetic fibers.

Close-up image of synthetic fibers.
Close-Up Of Synthetic Fibers

Synthetic fiber is a man-made, oil based material, produced from what is called polymer pellets (i.e. plastic). Basically, the fiber is formed by melting these pellets down, and then forcing that liquid plastic through a contraption that has small holes in it, which produces small strands of fiber that hardened back into their solid state once they cool off. These strands can either be used alone to create a fabric, or are sometimes blended with other fibers, such as wool and cotton. A couple of common synthetic fibers are polyester and nylon. In some instances, synthetic fibers are ideal (think of water repelling ski gear or moisture wicking work-out clothes). In other instances, synthetic fibers can be irritating and oppressive.

The scarves that were irritating me were a blend of synthetic and natural fibers, like acrylic/wool blends. I mistakenly thought all scarves would be made to feel itch-free, soft, and breathable since you are wearing them around your neck and face. I was completely wrong.

I quickly realized I needed to pay more attention to the materials I was putting on my body if I wanted to meet all of my required needs from a scarf, which are the following:

  • SoftnessWhatever is close to my face and around my neck must not itch me, irritate me, or break me out. I want softness and coziness to surround me!

  • Breathable - I want a scarf that is breathable but can also keep me warm when it’s frigid outside.

  • Stylish - I want a scarf that looks amazing! Different color choices are a bonus!

  • Real - I want the material to be natural and REAL. I’m already on an anti-plastic rampage, so something that is made from real materials is a must for me.

I discovered the best fabric to meet all of my demands is very common and often overlooked...COTTON. Cotton is the most widely used and produced natural fiber on the planet. Cotton is a soft, fluffy staple fiber that comes from the seedpod of a cotton plant. It is used for just about everything, from underwear to coffee filters. The best part is its many advantageous properties, such as its ability to control moisture, insulate, and provide comfort. It is also extremely durable and hypoallergenic. Once I discovered I wanted 100% cotton in my scarf life, things became much easier. Especially when I was discovered ColorUpLifes super soft cotton scarves.

So, go ahead, toss those scratchy, synthetic scarves and get yourself a soft, breathable, stylish, and REAL scarf. Check out ColorUpLifes line of cotton scarves and have fun ordering one (or 2 or 3 or 4!) for yourself.


Nikki White
Blogger, Nikki White, wearing a ColorUpLife scarf in Mustard

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