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Designer Leggings or Yoga Leggings?

Designer Leggings or Yoga Leggings?

There are similarities and differences between our Designer Leggings and Yoga Leggings and we're here to talk about them! Let’s get started…

Here’s how they are the same:
• Both are available in full or capri length.
• Both are made from high quality, 4 way stretch performance fabrics, a polyester/spandex blend.
• Both fabrics are comfortable and move with you, making them super comfy!
• The sturdy construction will never let you down.
• Either style is perfect for working out: biking, hiking running, yoga, etc.
• Our unique prints are available in both styles! 

ColorUpLife - plum fabric swatch - reef style  ColorUpLife - turquoise fabric swatch - sweet pea style  ColorUpLife - copper fabric swatch - be square style  ColorUpLife - chartreuse fabric swatch - zen style

Here’s how they are different:

Our Designer Leggings and Capris sit lower on you waist, about 2 inches below the navel.
• The Yoga Leggings and Capris have a wider waistband, which can be worn up to cover your belly or rolled down to hug your hips. If you’re doing those upside down yoga poses and want fuller coverage, our yoga pants are a better choice.

Fabric Weight:
Our Designer Leggings and Capris are made from a silky smooth, medium weight fabric and they look graceful under long tunics, skirts and dresses.
• Our Yoga Leggings and Capris are made from a slightly heavier weight fabric with a compression fit. They provide body slimming support, smoothing all the right places and are great for all body types. They look terrific paired with a tight fitting crop top for yoga class or anytime you want slimming support!

So, which legging style is right for you? Our Designer Leggings, Designer Capris, Yoga Leggings, or Yoga Capris?

We hope this article helped!

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