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ColorUpLife Creates Their Own Colors!

Mixing colors to dye our fabrics with Procion Fiber Reactive Dyes

Coming from an artist perspective, Karyn and I are constantly amazed at the “safe” colors clothing manufacturers choose for their lines.  Where are all the in between hues of all the primary and secondary colors that would look great with so many skin tones?  Having dyed fabric for a dozen years for my artwork, we decided to put this knowledge to good use and dye some of our lines in those hard to find shades!  We use only the best Procion Fiber Reactive Dyes that are super colorfast and recommended as the very best method to dye natural fibers.  The results are so safe they are even recommended for baby clothes.  Fiber Reactive Dyes are permanent and provide vivid colors that won’t fade with washing.  As artists, we are quite picky about getting the perfect shade.  We do not buy premixed colors, but mix all of our own from 3 primary reds, 3 yellows and 3 blues.

Procion Fiber Reactive Dyes

Up until now, our hand dyeing here at ColorUpLife has been behind the scenes, improving batiks in both cotton and rayon that came to us nothing like the samples we ordered from.  This is common with batiks, as they are all hand printed and dyed, so fabrics can vary from “sample runs” to “production runs”.  An example is the rayon fabric we use for our batik scarves.  We had the rayon printed exclusively for us with a 6 month lead time from ordering to receiving.  Imagine our disappointment when they finally arrived and 3 of the bolts looked dull and boring instead of vivid and exciting like we expected!  We “corrected” these fabrics by over-dyeing and creating artistic beauties from those destined for the landfill.  They turned out to be some of our favorite fabrics!

Below are a few before and after photos of cotton batiks that we “improved” by dyeing.  You will find some of these cottons in our table linen line in the form of party napkins and coasters.


Original Dot Batik Fabric  Over-dyed Dot Batik Fabric by ColorUpLife      Original Batik Fabric  Over-dyed Batik Fabric by ColorUpLife

When we started making swaddle blankets for babies, we loved the fabrics so much we wanted to make scarves out of it, for ourselves and all of you!  We searched and searched for cotton double gauze in exciting “adult” colors we could buy, to no avail. Hence, we decided to dye our own.  Below are a few photos showing different steps in dyeing our chartreuse scarf.

Mixing Yellow Dye with Procion Fiber Reactive Dyes to make Chartreuse  Pouring Dye onto Cotton Fabric with Procion Fiber Reactive Dyes - Chartreuse
Dyeing Cotton Fabric with Procion Fiber Reactive Dyes - Chartreuse  Finished Product - Cotton Gauze Chartreuse Scarf by ColorUpLife  

100% cotton double gauze absorbs dye beautifully!  This is our widest scarf and the very best for that chunky modern look!  The fabric is designed to be slightly crinkled, which helps to keep the color up near your face where you want it.  It is so cozy you will never want to take it off!


I hope you enjoyed reading about our fabric dyeing process!  Stay tuned...we hope to bring you more great articles in the future!  Thanks for keeping up-to-date with ColorUpLife!

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